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Clean Halloween Makeup 2018

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Oct 08

Halloween makeup ideas are here!  We are reposting a Jane Iredale tutorial for three different looks using the clean makeup line Jane Iredale.  These are all products you can use in every day life as well as for your Halloween costume!

October 24, 2016 by Chelsea
Halloween is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited!  If you’re anything like us and our Global Makeup Educator Natalie Soto-Carlisle, this is one of your favorite holidays for a number of reasons; the most obvious being the chance to create fun Halloween costume makeup looks.
If you’re still undecided about your Halloween costume, Natalie helped us develop her top three looks for every skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Each one is also appropriate for all ages and party-settings. That means, you can try these looks whether you need the perfect Halloween costume for kids or if you want an office-appropriate Halloween costume! Beginner: Skeleton Halloween Costume Makeup

Jane Iredale skeleton halloween makeup

Nothing says Halloween more than a skeleton costume. It’s a classic look that everyone loves, and with Natalie’s simple tutorial you are sure to win the office costume party with very little effort. You can either pair this look with a Gothic accessories like Natalie for a more corpse bride look or head to your local Halloween superstore for a pre-made skeleton costume.

First, apply BB1 Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream to your entire face, neck and décolletage with the Blending Brush.

To create a completely white base, press White PurePressed Eye Shadow over all the areas where you applied Glow Time BB Cream using use the Flocked Sponge.

Use the Onyx Mystikol Eye Liner to contour your cheekbones. Start at the hairline and draw a line angled toward your lips on both sides of your face.

Then, use the Deluxe Shader Brush to blend the line downward using Velvet PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation.

Additionally, apply Velvet PurePressed Base into the hairline, jawline, side of your nose, and under your bottom lip.

Use Black Liquid Eyeliner to draw a triangle on the bottom of the nose with two small lines pointed toward your forehead. Additionally, use it to draw a line from the end of your lips to where your contour ends. Finish by adding diagonal lines over your lips and the lines you drew.

Next, set the black triangle on your nose with Ebony PurePressed Base using the Smudge Brush.

For your eye look, apply Onyx Mystikol from lash line to crease, and rim the entire under eye. Then, blend the Mystikol with Velvet PurePressed Base using the Crease Brush.

Intensify the look by applying Double Espresso PurePressed Eye Shadow to the inner corners of you eyes. Make sure to pull the color upward to where your eyebrows meet the bridge of your nose.

Finally, fill in eyebrows with the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit in your shade.

can i buy generic Lyrica Intermediate: Broken Doll Halloween Costume Makeup

Jane Iredale doll halloween makeup

Add a little edge to your typical doll costume, by showing off the cracks in your porcelain veneer. Pair this makeup look with a Baby-doll dress, Mary-Jane shoes and ruffled ankle socks— hair bow is optional.

First, apply Absence Oil Control Primer to entire face using the foundation brush.

Next, apply Glow Time Full BB Cream in your shade to your face and neck; then, set it with your shade of PurePressed Base.

Use PurePressed Base in a shade darker than your skin tone to contour your cheekbones and the sides of your nose.

Then, mix the two darkest colors of the Rose Dawn Bronzer with the Dome Brush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

To finish your cheeks, press three dots of Nutmeg Lip Pencil into the apples.

Outline your lips with Nude Lip Pencil and fill them in with Cherish Lip Fixation Lip Stain. Finish by applying Charming PlayOn Lip Crayon.

Apply White Eye Pencil to your lower lash line and bottom rim of your eye; the lower you bring the white the bigger the eyes will look. Then, using the Black Liquid Eyeliner rim the edge of the white pencil.

Use the Smokey Quartz Mystikol Eye Pencil to apply color from the inner corner of your eyes.  Then, use the Eye Shader Brush to apply Violet Eyes PurePressed Eye Shadow from lash line to crease.

Draw a thin line over your eyebrows using the Basic Black Eye Pencil, to create faux eyebrows.

Finally, to create the cracked effect draw the outline and fill in using the Basic Black Eye Pencil. Intensify the edge with Black Liquid Eyeliner.

To create depth, add Taupe PurePressed Eye Shadow to one side of the edges and White PurePressed Eye Shadow to the other.

Advanced: Black Cat Halloween Costume Makeup

Jane Iredale cat halloween makeup

With Natalie’s 10-step cat costume makeup, everyone one will want to cross your path on Halloween. This look requires a little more makeup know-how, but you can scale the technique up or down based on time or experience. Throw on your favorite black outfit and a pair of cat ears, and your set!

Apply BB1 Glow Time Full BB Cream to your entire face and neck.

Using Basic Black pencil create the outlines:
Three peaks on your forehead towards eyebrows.
Curved lines from your hairline at the ear toward the nostril beneath the cheekbones.
Two lines from the tip of your nose, up the bridge and underneath your eyes angled toward the hairline.
From bridge of the nose (at eye level) into the crease of your eye and up towards the hairline.
Lastly, from the tip of your nose to the cupids bow, and line your lips.

Fill your lips in with Cindy PureMoist Lipstick.

Using Ebony PurePressed Eye Shadow and an Eye Shader Brush, fill in the peaks outlined on your forehead using .

Additionally, use them to blend the lines on your cheekbones and the ones above and below your eyes in an upward direction.

Using the Flocked Sponge, press and roll the Ebony PurePressed Eye Shadow onto your jawline and down your neck.

Fill in the empty spaces between each outline with White PurePressed Eye Shadow and the Deluxe Shader Brush.

Rim your upper and lower lash lines with the White Eye Pencil.

Draw the hairlike details with the tip of the Onyx Mystikol on your chin, below your eyes and on top of your eyebrows. Also, use it to create the dots above the lips.

Finally, use the Black Liquid Eyeliner to create the whiskers. Don’t press too hard.

Have fun playing with your makeup and feel free to contact us if you have questions!

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