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Fall Tips For Skin Care & Makeup

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Sep 23

The change from summer to fall is a big one for your skin care & makeup routines.  We’re here to remind you what to think about to keep your skin glowing and your makeup fit for the season!

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1.  Remember to still use your sunscreen on the super sunny days.  Don’t get lackadaisical because the weather is flip flopping between sunny and grey days.  Definitely get out in and soak it up when you can for 20 minutes bare skinned then cover up if you’ll be staying out.

2.  Time to get a leg up on hydration.  As it gets colder outside and we start turning our heaters on our skin takes a hit and gets dehydrated with it.  Be sure you moisturize twice a day and maybe pick a more hydrating product like our PCASkin Collagen hydrator which has shea butter and antioxidants or PCASkin Silkcoat which is our heaviest moisturizer and the best for creating a barrier to the dry cold air especially for skiiers and snowboarders.

3.  Deeper Exfoliation.  Now that the sun isn’t shining as bright you can come in for a deep exfoliation in your facial or start scheduling your chemical peels and add our intense retinol peeling to every treatment.  Schedule and appointment here.  This picture shows the results after one facial with one of our great exfoliation products!


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1.  Come in for a foundation match.  It may be time to pick a bit lighter shade of powder or cream so your face isn’t darker then your neck!

2.  Start bringing your deeper color lipsticks and glosses out.  Bye bye to the pinks and berries, hello to the warm and cozy burgundies and wines.

3.  Find a great matching bronzer.  Watch the orange factor!  A subtle bronzer keeps you glowing well into winter paleness.

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