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Halloween Makeup #3 Half and Half Face

Halloween Makeup #3 Half and Half Face hover background

Oct 16

Here we go, Halloween Makeup week #3!

This is the Half and Half look.  This Halloween makeup look can be a stand alone costume.

all natural halloween makeup half and half face

This look is 1/3 your regular all natural makeup look and 2/3 your ghost look.

  1.  Start with your normal all natural makeup look but go heavier than usual on the color parts:  lipstick, blush, definitely do a smoked out upper lid line on the eyes, and don’t forget to fill in your brow a bit.

2.  Next, apply Absence primer to the entire ghost area making sure to keep it out of your hairline. Don’t forget to apply it down your neck as necessary according to your outfit.  Use white eyeliner to cover your eyelid and lashes as well as your eyebrow.

3.  Apply white eyeshadow over all of the primed areas, again, making sure to avoid your hairline.

4.  Lastly, use your black eyeliner to draw lines and cracks around the shape of your natural makeup line.


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