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Halloween Makeup!

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Oct 01

October has us thinking makeup…Halloween makeup!  We’ve gathered a cauldron full of great Jane Iredale all-natural makeup colors for you to create a fun look this year at 20% off!  We’ve got blood reds, ghostly greys and whites, witchy purples and greens and of course blacks.  We will feature a halloween makeup look each week to spark your imagination.  This week’s look is a ghost!

all natural halloween makeup ghost

This look uses just a few colors and not too much precision making it a quick go to or last minute look.

First, use Absence cream primer to pale out your face, including eyebrows, neck (whatever is exposed) and don’t forget your ears!  Blend this color out into your hair.  Cover all the creamy primed areas with White eyeshadow to set the cream and make your color last longer.

Next, apply a dark grey eyeshadow around your eyes as pictured.  Blend and fade a lot!

Apply black or black/brown eyeliner and blend with the dark grey eyeshadow.

Lastly, apply Katerina lipstick and you’re finished!

For a more dramatic look, make the eye circles smaller and  hollow out your cheeks blending with the dark grey eyeshadow. Also apply a wiped off look of the Katerina lipstick and smudge it out at the lip lines.

Send us a picture if you try it!

Next week’s Halloween makeup look is the Bride of Frankenstein!

Want help figuring out your makeup look for the Halloween/Day of the Dead holidays?  Click here to schedule a makeup lesson and we’ll get you all ready to make yourself up!

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