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Moisturizers 20% off!

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Jan 23

Happy January and happy 2018!  Time for moisturizers!

Every January we hear almost everyone talk about how dry they’ve been.  We don’t drink enough water, the heat is on literally baking us in our homes, the air outside is drier when it’s colder and if you enjoy our beautiful mountains and the fun things to do on them you really know what dry air is!

bare has you covered every January with our moisturizer sale!

Take 20% off every moisturizer we sell from PCASkin!

This includes all of their creamy moisturizers and serums.  This is a great time to buy their brand new HydraLuxe moisturizer that is so addictive but spendy or their hyaluronic acid serums.  Hyaluronic acid draws water to your skin, is the ingredient already in your skin that gives it it’s “squish” and is an ingredient injected into skin for plumping purposes.  It is the perfect down deep hydrator to put under any creamy moisturizer.

If stopping in is not going to work out before February just give us a call at 503.234.6006 or click here to send us a message and we can mail it to you (free shipping) so you don’t miss these great prices!

Don’t forget we can really plump you up with a hydrating Luxury Custom Facial too…book one today!

Stay juicy Portland!

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