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Get your bikini wax before self tanning! Tips to make your self tan perfect…

Get your bikini wax before self tanning!  Tips to make your self tan perfect… hover background

Mar 13


Self tanning time!  I don’t know about you but as I write this my body has officially become so pale from it’s winter hibernation in clothes that my face is darker than the rest of me and I want to even that out!  I’m sharing my knowledge after years of this ritual so you can get a great tan with self tanning too!

First of all you must pick your poison.  You have formula options with self tanning products.   There are two main things you will have to decide on…texture and tint.  Textures are really just an opinion of feel.  Tanners come in lotion, mousse, spray, and gel forms.  They all will have the same ingredient that changes the protein in the top layer of your skin to the perfect tan color.  The decision of whether or not to purchase a tanner with tint seems straight forward.  You’ll be able to see where your tanner is as you rub it in if it’s tinted, you can’t with clear.  The deeper dilemma comes with the tinted formulas rubbing onto your clothes and any other fabric it comes in contact with until you wash it off.  The clear formulas do not do this.

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Now on to application.  Here are bare’s best tips for getting that perfect glow without the sun…

  1. San Donà di Piave Get all exfoliating done before you apply your tanner!  As we mentioned, the active ingredient that produces the tan on your skin is in the superficial layers of your skin.  Your tan will come off with any kind of exfoliation…scrubs, shaving, waxing, etc.  Don’t forget to plan that pedicure appointment before you tan too!
  2. buy Lurasidone without prescription Your skin must be clean.   For best adhearance, applying right after a shower is ideal when your skin is naturally thirsty.
  3. Wear disposable gloves!  Your palms will continue to absorb tanner as you continue to apply it to different areas.  Too much tanner ends up orange!  Take off the gloves for the last area you rub in so your hands get tan too.
  4. Circles, circles, circles!  It doesn’t matter which form your tanner comes in you MUST rub it into your skin in circular motions.  The bonus to tinted tanners versus clear tanners is that you can see where your product is and you can check for streaks as you rub it in. Don’t be scared of the clear tanners, they do tend to be kind in not streaking as long as you are applying it with your circles.
  5. Blending!  Lastly, you must wash just your palms (tricky but you can do it!) with soap and water after applying tanner everywhere.  While hands are still damp rub them like you are applying hand lotion to blend in the edges.  Then take a damp washcloth and rub your calloused areas like knees, elbows, that bumpy bone on your ankle, tops of toes, etc. and then rub them like you did your hands to blend them in.  The calloused areas are extra dry and they soak in the tanner more so they will be darker spots if you skip this step.

Cheers to getting a glow back onto your skin!

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