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Luxury Custom Facial     $90
This classic facial is treatment and relaxation. We start with a deep cleanse then a skin analysis followed by extractions and the proper exfoliation for your skin type. Next you get to relax with a face, neck, and shoulder massage with a custom massage oil. Your aesthetician will then apply the best treatment mask for your skin. We will fill your skin with antioxidants and moisturizer for glowing, healthy skin!

Basic Custom Facial $75
This is a serious, no fluff facial. We start with a deep cleanse and skin analysis. Next we’ll do extractions and exfoliaton. After your treatment mask you’ll be filled with antioxidants and moisturizer.

Oxygen Facial $90
Get a stimulating, detoxifying glow with this best ever way to oxygenate your skin! We don’t blow oxygen onto your skin from a tank, we actually mimic your skin’s natural oxygenation process so it takes the oxygen down deep where it needs to be. This treatment is a great way to treat papular or pustular acne and also the best treatment for right before a photo shoot. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, extractions, facial massage, antioxidants, and pH balancing moisturizer.

Custom Chemical Peel $120
Get some serious work done! We’ll stimulate new skin cell growth as well as exfoliation of the old dead surface cells with one of our modified Jessner’s peels or TCA peels.
These peels are also done in doctor’s offices and have little to no downtime. You’ll get a deep cleanse, skin analysis, as well as extractions. We will finish with a pH balancing moisturizer. 

Retinol Peel $80
An extra potent dose of retinol will have you flaking off your old dead surface cells so fast! You may have lots of visible flaking with this one. This peel includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, and extractions with a finish of our pH balancing moisturizer.

Dermaplaning $100
A physical exfoliation with a scalpel, our specially trained aestheticians will carefully remove the top layers of dead skin to stimulate your skin to make new juicy cells right away! This treatment includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, hydrating mask treatment, antioxidants and the best moisturizer for your skin.

Emergency Blemish Control     $20
Wake up with a blemish? Have a patch of blackheads? In this quickie appointment we get them out for you and zap them with treatment products to make them goners!

Add Decolletage to any Facial or Peel $25

Free Consultations
Book a consultation so we can see your skin and chat about which treatments will be best for you. We can also talk about matching you with the best products.

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