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Face Talk:  Science minded as we are, most of our treatments are just that…treatments.  Most facials will include massage, but if you are looking for extra massage we recommend our relaxation facial.  You’ll still get treatment but we’ll hold our horses and spend more time pampering you.

custom facials $75
We do what we have to do!  Every custom facial includes skin analysis, extractions, exfoliation, and mask.  We learn a lot by working with your skin and analyzing how it acts with our products.  In this interactive facial we can give you a plan for healthy skin!

relaxation facials $75
You will get all the basics of a facial:  skin analysis, extractions, exfoliation, and masking.  As we mentioned, you also will get LOTS of massage…face, neck, shoulders, hands, and lower arms.

acne facials $85 
Acne is a special beast.  In this facial we will soften these pesky plugged pores and then extract them out!  This facial is an in-depth treatment for acne which includes a mask.

Extraction Treatments $50
Exactly as it sounds…we prep your skin then have at it!  We’ll focus on cleaning out every little pore.  No fluff here…all business!  This treatment is great for teens or skin that has chronic acne.

Emergency Blemish Control $15

Wake up with a blemish?  Have a patch of blackheads?  In this quickie appointment we get them out for you and zap them with treatment product to make them goners!

anti-aging facials $95
Kick aging in the pants wtih this double treatment.  We’ll start with exfoliation and extrations then move on to the Oxygen Treatment to flush and strengthen your vessels.  Next, we’ll apply our super flaker Retinol treatment to get that old dead skin off and your new juicy skin up to the surface.  We’ll finish you up with antioxidants and moisture.

peels $100 
Chemical peels are all business. These treatments are serious and get the most work done. Using an array of mixed acids depending on your skin’s condition the day of treatment, these peels make your skin do what it normally does in the way of creating new cells and shedding old cells but at a much faster rate! The idea being; if you maintain the health of these fresh new cells, after all the dead old cells are gone, your skin will be like new!  As a series these peels can really help with overall texture, lines, acne, and pigmentation.  Coupled with the right potent home care, these peels can reveal new skin!

add retinol to a facial or peel $20
Retinol is a form of Vitiamin A which is a super skin ‘flaker’. It’s action is to lift the dead cells off the surface more aggressively than alpha hydroxy or salicylic acids. Adding retinol to any treatment will expedite your results by getting those new cells to the surface faster.

add oxygen treatment to a peel $30
Oh, how we love oxygen! This treatment flushes your skin to get your blood and lymph moving which then helps pull that oxygen down inside.  Our method of introducing oxygen to the skin tissue is the most potent we have found. More potent and effective than treatments that just blow oxygen onto the surface of your skin. Great for acne as well as a great glow!

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