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waxing & hair removal

waxing & hair removal
ladies’ menu:
brows $20full legs + toes
lip or chin$12upper legs (up to boy shorts line)$40
(choice of 3 areas)
$40lower legs
(knees down + toes)
additional face areas$12tummy trail$12
half arms (lower includes hands + fingers)$40anything else?just ask!
full arms (includes hands + fingers)$60
bikini talk (ladies only)
waxing-icons-portland Portland     $20     Leaves the most hair. Removes hair right at the top of your leg and hip joint.
waxing-icons-southeast Southeast   $30     This one is ‘close-in.’ Removes hair a bit further in from the hip joint than the portland as well as a swipe on the back of the thigh to be sure nothing is showing from behind.  The southeast is our best seller for a basic bikini wax!
waxing-icons-belmont C-Section $20  Have a scheduled C-Section?  Come in 2-3 days prior and we’ll wax the top down low so you won’t have to be shaven!  If you’d like we’ll also take the hairs off the top of your leg at the hip joint too.
waxing-icons-belmont Belmont     $40     You get the idea…even closer-in! We come in close on the sides like the SE. Then we remove EVERYTHING from between the butt cheeks (just in the back). The belmont is inspired and dedicated to our loyal clients!
waxing-icons-bare Barekini     $60     Our brazilian. We remove EVERYTHING ALL OVER. You may certainly leave some hair on the top/front.  This is the one you want if you’d like everything “underneath” or on your labia taken off.
gentlemen’s menu:
all 3 face areas$40upper arms$40


  • Brow Tinting     $20     Make those brows pop!  Tinting brows makes them look fuller and can even eliminate the need for filling them in.
  • Been lasered and still need waxing?  We can customize any waxing services based on what hair you have left. Prices will be quoted upon seeing the area(s) for hair removal.
  • We also retail a product that, done as instructed, should reduce hair growth!  We’ve seen it work and it’s amazing!  Ask us about it.

bare on belmont in Portland
bare in Portland
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