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Waxing on sunny days, facials on rainy days – it’s spring at bare!

Waxing on sunny days, facials on rainy days – it’s spring at bare! hover background

Apr 17

Sunshine makes us want waxing.  Rain makes us want to cozy up for a facial.  Hello spring at bare!


These bits of sunshine and beautiful days we get make us really want the nice weather to stay already.  Are you prepared?  Will your legs be making an appearance soon in skirts and dresses and shorts?  Underarms are a great thing to wax as weather gets warmer too!  bare uses multiple types of wax and hair removal for all of the wonderful different areas of your body because they all aren’t the same.  We will use the best wax for your type of hair on your type of skin.  Taking care of the skin afer a waxing is also important and as aestheticians that also give facials we are hip to the skin scene too!  We can help with any ingrown hair situation so that skin is healthy.  Spring is a great time to get started booking yourself regularly for summer waxing so you’re smooth and ready for all of the spontaneous AND scheduled fun in the sun you have.  Regular waxing appointments are usually between 4 and 6 weeks apart.


Facials are the perfect service to get on our nippy some spring days when it’s raining.  These are the perfect days to come in and let us cozy you up in our warm treatment rooms and take care of your skin.  In our softly lit rooms you slip into our super soft facial gown and climb back into a warmed bed with a heater at your feet.  Then we wash your skin thoroughly, exfoliate and clean out your pores.  We then massage you while you are enjoying a mask.  Finally we fill you with antioxidants and moisture and send you back out into the day.  Warmth, nurturing, coziness and healthy skin!

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