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It’s Moisturizer time…20% off all Moisturizers! hover background

Dec 01

It’s Moisturizer time…20% off all Moisturizers!

We’ve got moisturizer on our brains!  We’re starting to feel dry and the Winter Solstice is coming soon.  We are ready to help you keep your moisture during winter with our Annual Moisturizer Sale!  Every moisturizer and hydrator is 20% off until the first of the year. Here’s a handy dandy chart to help you […]

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Moisturizers 20% off! hover background

Jan 23

Moisturizers 20% off!

Happy January and happy 2018!  Time for moisturizers! Every January we hear almost everyone talk about how dry they’ve been.  We don’t drink enough water, the heat is on literally baking us in our homes, the air outside is drier when it’s colder and if you enjoy our beautiful mountains and the fun things to […]

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20% Off Moisturizers! hover background

Jan 05

20% Off Moisturizers!

January is always a month that our skin is dry.  So many things contribute to drying our skin during this time…heaters on literally baking us dry, outdoor activities in the dry air evaporating the water out of our skin, and for some reason so many of us have a harder time drinking water during the […]

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