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May 19

All-Natural Makeup as Sunscreen

All-Natural Makeup as your suncreen?  Yep, that’s what bare does.  Our favorite all-natural makeup brand Jane Iredale has seven products that use only physical sunscreen ingredients so you can get your protection while looking pretty.  It only makes perfect sense, right? Read on to learn more about the difference between physical and chemical in the […]

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Sunscreen Time! All Sunscreens 20% off! hover background

Jun 02

Sunscreen Time! All Sunscreens 20% off!

It’s time again to start wearing your sunscreen on more areas of your body more of the time!  Are you prepared?  Come to bare for all of your sunscreen needs and take 20% every sunscreen we carry. Which sunscreens do we carry?  Only the safest and most natural from Jane Iredale Cosmetics.  Jane only uses […]

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Bikini Wax & Self Tanner are Beauty Musts for Spring Break! hover background

Feb 28

Bikini Wax & Self Tanner are Beauty Musts for Spring Break!

Time to get that spring time inaugural bikini wax!                         Spring Break is fast approaching and Portlanders have certainly earned their Spring Break T HIS year! The ladies of bare are ready to get you ready for your Spring Break adventures from your bikini […]

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